Working for You

The daughter of an immigrant mother and blue-collar laborer growing up in a small town where opportunities were limited, Holly was the first in her family to go to college, receiving two bachelor degrees from the University of Michigan and a Master’s Degree in social organizational psychology from Columbia University. She has worked as a teacher, program director, client engagement manager, implementation researcher and chief relationship officer for various non-profit and corporate education companies.

As your HISD School trustee, Holly:

  • has fought to ensure that Houston's most valuable commercial properties are not detached from the tax roll through recapture
  • has worked to bring the District Alternative Education Program in-house from a for-profit provider 
  • has served on the HISD board monitoring and policy committee, developing the board's governance and oversight systems to ensure equity and excellence in all HISD schools 
  • has served on HISD's Special Education ad-hoc committee, bringing together parents, teachers, principals, and special education experts and advocates to oversee reform of the district's Special Education services 
  • has supported an external review of HISD's newly adopted budget, so we can find better efficiencies to ensure the district is using taxpayer’s dollars wisely: it is vital to make smart investments so all of our students can succeed. 
  • has supported a wage increase for HISD personnel 
  • has championed literacy across the district with efforts such as Literacy by 3 and Literacy in the Middle; Read Houston Read and Books Between Kids. 
  • has made sure Ashford Elementary school got the funds to add walls to an open-environment in order to provide a more accommodating environment for students and teachers 
  • has worked with the City of Houston to ensure streets are safe for schools 
  • has ensured the bond projects at Askew ES, Sharpstown High School and Sharpstown International are on track 
  • has advocated for parent, student, teacher and constituent concerns 
  • has supported expansion of the student-led initiative getMADEkids Food Rescue Program


She wants to continue: 

  • to ensure all children have access to rigorous, engaging learning experiences in safe and welcoming environments; 
  • to champion the importance of meeting the needs of the whole child; 
  • to disrupt the school to prison pipeline through restorative justice practices and policies; 
  • to create a culture of transparency and accountability starting with the Board of Education; and 
  • to truly provide teachers and others on the front-lines with meaningful professional development and competitive wages.

Holly will continue leading education in Houston into the 21st and hopes to count on your support to keep her position as your HISD District VI trustee. Greater achievement is possible and we still have much work to do to realize each child’s full potential.