As your HISD School Board Trustee, a career educator and a mother, I am committed to the success of every child, every day. Since joining the board in January, I have been working for real solutions for our schools and kids through smart budgeting and strong accountability. And I know we are just scratching the surface of what is possible. I am running in November to continue to be your HISD Board Trustee District VI because I know greater achievement is possible, and that we still have much work to do to realize each child’s full potential.

Working_2.jpgI am also running to support our educators. As a young teacher in HISD, I remember having to take a second job just to make ends meet. We must be competitive in how we pay our teachers, and support those who work each day to ensure our students are maximizing their potential in the classroom.

As your trustee, I support strengthening student curriculum. HISD does not always require a single approach, therefore curriculum in areas such as special education and language arts often lacks consistency. For example, we have over 30 separate reading programs across the district, of varying quality, which can complicate transitions for our students as they go through our district’s schools. We can and must do better.

I am also committed to being a good steward of your tax dollars. As the state reduces its commitment to funding our schools, more of HISD tax dollars are leaving the district, all while our property tax rates continue to rise. I will fight to keep our tax dollars in HISD, and to get the most out of every dollar on behalf of our students.

Finally, I believe keeping open lines of communication is the best way to achieve accountability and solutions for our students and schools. As your trustee I will maintain a continued cycle of communication with both community members, students, teachers and school leaders through town hall meetings, and my door will always be open to anyone with a concern or seeking dialogue. Holding us all to accountability standards will ensure we are making real progress towards the success of all of our students.

It is a great honor and responsibility to serve you on the HISD Board of Trustees. I am asking for your vote in the November election to continue working to achieve these shared goals, and for every child, every day.